3DVIA Shape

3DVIA Shape Beta

3D design made easy


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very helpful tutorial
  • Lets you share models online


  • Compulsory user account
  • You can't save files to your hard drive


I may be good at Photoshop but when it comes to 3D design I'm completely hopeless. This is why I was excited to find a program like 3DVIA Shape, with which I can create basic three-dimensional objects in no time.

Using 3DVIA Shape is a cinch. In fact, I'd say it's even easier than Photoshop and of course, much easier than other 3D tools you may have tested so far. This app could be defined as the "Paint" equivalent for 3D design; that is, a basic, simple-to-use graphic editor with which you can safely take your first steps into 3D creation.

The program includes a tutorial that launches automatically when you run it for the first time and which I strongly recommend you to follow, because it teaches you all the basics of the program in just a dozen steps. After completing the tutorial, you'll be ready to start creating your own three-dimensional figures. Of course they're going to be basic designs combining cubes, spheres and a few lines but hey, that's a start!

One thing I didn't like about 3DVIA Shape is the fact that you must create a free user account to use the program - whether you like it or not - and that you can't save your files to your hard drive, you have to publish them to your account on the 3DVIA website. The trick is, once you've published your 3D model to your account, you can visit your profile and download it as a 3DXML file.

if you want to take your first steps in 3D design but have no idea where to start, try 3DVIA Shape: a basic, easy-to-use 3D editor for beginners which also lets you share your creations online.

3DVIA Shape


3DVIA Shape Beta

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